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Do you own property in Spain?

If you do not live in Spain for more than 183 days a year, you are not liable for tax in Spain. The exception to this is income from a property in Spain. In this case, you are liable for tax, but only on that property. This could be an apartment or a house that you use during your holidays, while your permanent residence is in your home country. You can also let the property on a permanent or occasional basis.

Even if you know that you are not tax resident in Spain, you may not be aware that you have a limited tax liability because you own a Spanish property.

To comply with this obligation, you must submit Form 210 by 31 December each year to pay the tax for the previous year. For example, you have until 31 December 2023 to submit and pay the tax for 2022.

The tax authorities will monitor foreigners who fail to submit Form 210 and will demand payment of the tax plus interest for the last four years, as well as fines.

Even if you do not rent out your property to third parties, the pure owner-occupation of the property results in owner-occupation for tax purposes. The amount of this owner-occupation, which is subject to non-resident income tax, is added to the cadastral value of the property. This cadastral value is derived from the property tax you pay annually to the municipality where your property is located. This tax is called the Impuesto de los Bienes Inmuebles (IBI).

For example, if you own an apartment with a cadastral value of 100,000 euros, you will have to pay 209 euros a year for form 210. For example, if you own a villa with a cadastral value of 800,000 euros, you will have to pay 1,672 euros per year for Form 210.

If you own a rented property, form 210 must be filed quarterly. The difference is that the tax base is not the cadastral value, but the net income (income minus expenses) from the rental.

For example, if your rental income in July, August and September (the third quarter of the year) was €9,000 and your expenses in those months were €3,000, your profit would be €6,000. If the flat rate of 19% is applied to this profit, the tax payable will be 1,140 euros.

However, you can offset this Spanish tax against your taxes in your home country.

We can fill in tax form 210 for you, calculate the tax and pay it to the tax office. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You only need to provide us with the 5 basic details about yourself and your property (name, NIE, address in your country, address of the property and cadastral value). All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Our fee is 150 euros including VAT. If the property has two owners, e.g. because it is registered in both your name and your spouse’s name, the fee for the second spouse is 50%, i.e. 75 euros.

Unlike other accountants and solicitors who offer this service, our fee includes a 30 minute video conference consultation. You will be able to consult with Mr Marcos Vera Stein, founder and director of the law firm ‘Stein & Partner’, who has over 30 years experience in advising investors and companies from all over Europe in Spain (in the areas of tax law, real estate law and commercial law).

During this consultation you will be able to ask Mr Stein questions about your interests in the above areas. This half-hour consultation alone is worth at least 350 euros and is included in the 210 tax return fee.

Don’t miss this unique and extremely interesting opportunity and put yourself in our hands.

It doesn’t matter where in Spain or abroad you contact us from or where in Spain your property is located.

Call us on (+34) 971-710118 or send us an email: or Whatsapp (+34) 696 84 78 90

We look forward to welcoming you as a client and providing you with advice and assistance.

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